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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

isn't is surreal?

I cannot imagine how it is March already. This year is just blowing by and with so many things happening, changing and being busy there does not seem to be any time to notice how fast things are going by.

My 7th grade students have created their surreal spheres and it seems crazy how we are moving along, spinning in our own sphere with exactly 73 days of this year gone.
Day light savings has kicked in and with the unusually warm temperatures and lack of snow in the Hudson Valley this year, it seems spring has sprung!

I am certainly not complaining as I am so enjoying this beautiful weather, longer sunlight and just enjoying every day that I can.

It seems so surreal how time flies when you are having fun. So here are some of my students own ideas of the surreal environment happening within our own sphere.

Be Well and Enjoy!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

mural among the stars

The reviews are in and they are beaming...

Our superintendent in Warwick had asked me to work on a mural with a group of my middle school students in the District Office break room.

It is a place where our central office administrators and secretaries lunch on a daily basis but also is a place where they can rest and remember why we are all here... for the KIDS!
He gave us a blank canvas with no restrictions so I began to have my students brain storm. They came up with the world with children holding hands all around it. Then they decided to put stars all around the outside to fill in the background space.
One of my oh-so-clever students came up with a great quote to paint next to the mural by Les Brown, "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars." and it was a winner!

Everything was planned, sketched and ready to go and so we began sketched on our enormous canvas. Each day that we worked after school people would come in and compliment the students on what a great job they were doing.
Some people commented that it made them want to eat lunch in this space more often now that it was so inviting and friendly. We certainly agreed! My students enjoyed the "Bistro" and certainly liked going in.

As a wonderful completion celebration our superintendent hosted the students and I after school today for a pizza party. My students were ecstatic! They enjoyed the pizza in the glowing Bistro!

To see all of the images from this project please click here.

So it was a fun and exciting way to start out 2012 for both my students and those of the Warwick Valley Central Office.

And I leave you with this... shoot for the moon or the stars today....

Be Well and Enjoy!

Friday, January 20, 2012

birds will fly

Welcome back (to me). Sorry, fellow bloggers and followers, I have been very busy doing oodles of fun art things and have not had the opportunity to post in over a month now! Yikes!
With so much going on at school, fun murals with pics to follow, and in my personal life my husband and I are expecting our first child June 1 it has been a busy time. We will have our own little "birdie" fly into our lives very soon and we are excited to see the adventures she will take us on!

So were are wrapping up our first semester here at school and so my students will fly off to music and I will catch up with all the music kids. It is an exciting and sad time all at the same time.

My 7th grade students just finished great bird paintings as I am sure you can already tell with all of my fun bird references (wink, wink).

They sketched from photographs and then painted them in with watercolors. I began this lesson last year and it is a keeper, plus it flows nicely with my new 8th grade animal portrait lesson. The students have the opportunity to really build their watercolor skills.
Please check out the entire collection of bird paintings on my teacher site by clicking here.
Thanks for stopping by and please check back for some great mural pics!

Be Well and Enjoy!