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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

jewels of the ocean

I just returned from a great summer finale getaway with my husband to Manasquan, NJ. My family has a beach house there and we reaped the benefits of the house and the beach this week. 

We found ourselves absorbed by the beauty of the beach just as we do every summer. There are so many jewels to be found at any beach. The footprints left in the sand, each as unique as the person who left them, the pebbles and shells beneath our toes, the waves crashing around us, the water still at points, the barnacles, moss and so much more. 

We walked each night holding hands along the water's edge of low tide looking for the jewels of the ocean, sea glass. We were very lucky this year to find over 100 pieces, our most successful find ever! Even though sea glass begins as man's pollution and trash it becomes something so beautiful. It is a little piece of irony. Here are a few of our jewels and other fun finds. 

There are so many textures, colors, shapes and more at the beach. It is like Mother Nature just painted us a real painting that we can jump into. The beach has so many artful things for us to appreciate from the colors of the sunset to the softness of the sand between our toes.

It is so great when we can appreciate the little things in life and beauties left by nature. I hope you too can enjoy the beauties of the beach and even your own back yard! Check out Manasquan, NJ, it is a great little town and just maybe you will walk away with a few jewels of the ocean yourself. 

Be Well and Enjoy!

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  1. wonderful finds --so glad you got to take this little adventure near the ocean