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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

new beginnings

Good Morning!

This is my first official blog and I am very excited. I woke up this morning to find the clock precisely at 7:13am. This is a special time for me since my birthday is July 13 and I believe that this time has special qualities. We all can find greatness in the little things that can make us smile. Try to find some little thing today that will make you smile and make you enjoy life.

I wanted to start my first blog by sharing  some information about my favorite artist of all time, Georgia O'Keeffe. She is an American painter who found joy in the little things in life, flowers. She wanted to paint them so largely so that even "busy New Yorkers would stop and notice them." A flower can be so small and yet can be so beautiful and hold such great meaning. 

My husband Brian and I recently got a puppy. We named her O'Keeffe. I have severe allergies and we could not keep her. We just parted with her yesterday to a great family with the sweetest little girl. She handed me a flower when she saw me crying. That little yellow dandelion really made me smile. She had picked it from the lawn beneath our feet. It was so tiny and yet so significant. I will remember this moment forever. This tiny flower had so much meaning. It really made me smile during a tough time.

Children know and understand about these great things. That have such insight.

So, in close, take some time today to appreciate the little things, the flowers, the time, anything that can make you smile. 

Check out Georgia O'Keeffe's Museum website as well. There are so many great pieces there that are sure to put some color in your day!  You can click on the title of today's post, "new beginnings" and it will take you there!

Be Well and Enjoy!


  1. Nicole, I was so excited to receive your email about the blog! Wonderful news and a great new adventure for you! Can't wait to see how it evolves...I know it will be filled with color and inspiration! Best of luck and great joy to you on this new adventure! xo Kathy

    I am so very very sorry about O'Keefe. That flower is a sign that she is in the right home and will be loved the way you want her to be. A closed door perhaps, but the blog is your open window. Look forward. xo We'll see you soon~

  2. welcome to blogland
    this will be a wonderful outlet for you and I look forward to seeing it take shape

    I am so sorry that you had to say goodbye to O'Keefe but I am so glad we got to meet her and I know she will be happy in her new home

    xxoo Jen