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Thursday, August 20, 2009

woodstock treasures

There are so many happenings "Woodstock" these days with the recent 40th anniversary of the original Woodstock Music Festival. Today I was invited on a short road trip about an hour north to the town of Woodstock, NY with a friend of mine, Michelle. What a great town it is! I would highly recommend a day trip there.

There are so many treasures and findings within this great town. Small towns are so fun. Walking down the street you will see smiling faces, colorful store fronts, art, and much, much more. 

I so often find myself turning to the great artists we all know and love for inspiration but we can never forget the treasures that our local artists hold. I am a local artist myself and I feel so fortunate to make a living teaching art simultaneously while making art that pleases me. There are so many great artists hidden in great towns like Woodstock and I invite you all to go out and support such great art venues.

In today's current economic status, we all want to try to conserve our funds but there are some great deals in Woodstock. I found a great "aged" coffee table in a punchy aqua color for only $18! Just what I was looking for the updating of my formal living room! I picked up a cute gift for a good friend of mine and just loved seeing all the unique jewelry.

Michelle and I selected Oriole 9 for lunch. This was a great cafe that had AMAZING food. They had a diverse body of art on display there and I wanted to take each and every piece home with me. The colors were so inspiring and the feeling of energy in the cafe was pleasant. The beautiful flowers that danced across the tables smelled fresh and complimented the delightfulness of the food!

Art is all around. The way the food was placed on our plates, the way the store windows were artfully organized and most of all the architecture of the shops we browsed. Appreciate art in the little places and find some time to treasure art today!

Be Well and Enjoy!  

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