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Saturday, September 26, 2009

art today and treasures of tomorrow

Today was a great brisk fall day and I found myself surrounded by lots of great art! I went to Earth Angels Art Show/Barn Sale in Warwick, NY. There were tons of great folk art pieces from hand felted dolls to whimsical pottery and much, much more. 

I have always loved the clay creations of Jill Wiener and I have collected some of her work in the past. The personality in each one of these works is so sweet. There are great polka dots and fun chicks. She has a great sense of humor with the clay and has inspired me to create some fun and "sweet" creations with my students this school year.

 I love these pieces as well where Jill is using great dripping and overlapping glazes. They are really stunning. I especially loved the contrast of those delightful little punchy pink rosettes on the shiny black vessels and pitchers.

 The work of Jennifer Lanne has always inspired me as well. She has a series of new works that are mounted in fun found objects such as antique screens and wood boxes. She had layered some paintings with great metallics and great coppers with tangy turquoises layered over it all. They look great! I loved them all.

Look at this little squirrel with his acorn. What a great little fall friend. He is surrounded by many cute little furry characters. My friend Kathy shared with me how much she loves acorns and I too share her interest and appreciation for such great little gifts left here on earth that many animals enjoy and find delight in. They are sweet little organic shapes. It gave me a great idea for a painting, the relationship between this little squirrel and acorn. 

There were so many fun creations. It was a great day with so much great art to be enjoyed. I loved seeing the diversity of these great folk artists and visiting with great friends and familiar faces of Warwick. I encourage you all to check out the website for Earth Angels art as there are many more great artists and artworks to be enjoyed. You can get the link to the site by clicking on the title of this post. I would also recommend checking out Dara DiMagno's work on the site as here necklaces are real conversation starters. I wear one of her pieces almost daily and they always get a lot of attention!

Be Well and Enjoy!

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  1. Nicole thanks so much for this gorgeous blogpost -- I am so glad you were there to take in and be a part of the day -- see you soon xxoo