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Sunday, September 20, 2009

falling into the seasons

I can tell that everyone wants fall to be here including Mother Nature. Today was the perfect fall day with a great mix of the beautiful sun and cold gusts of air. As I walked through Target the aisles are filled with Halloween costumes and pumpkin patterned goodies. All of the local gardens and orchards are overflowing with the great glow of orange. Deer are filling my backyard from the woods around us seeking snacks.

The final sign that fall is upon us is that my Martha Stewart Living magazine arrived with a great image of fun pumpkin designs on the cover. Each year I look forward to this issue. Her gang of creative artists always come up with great ideas for how you can use pumpkins as decorative art during the fall season.

This year there are some really cool creations. I love the ideas that are out there. I am not much of a pumpkin carver myself as I enjoy arranging them in delightful little groupings but I love to view what people are able to do with pumpkin carving.

Pumpkin carving is very much an art form. When artists carve or sculpt things out of wood, stone, clay, etc it is always art so why not appreciate pumpkin carving this year? I remember when I was attending SUNY New Paltz College, students would always decorate the paths with great carved creations. It was festive and fun! Think about great artists like Andy Goldsworthy who use natural objects from nature to create art, taking a pumpkin and making it your own art is great too!

I am not quite ready to pick my own pumpkins and gourds out yet to adorn the steps up to my house and fill the bowls around the house, soon though. But I can tell that fall is upon us and I am very excited as it is my favorite season!

More to come on fun fall festivities!

Be Well and Enjoy!

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