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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

new old finds

I decided in January to redo our dining room. By "re-do" I really mean redesign.  My husband was not thrilled as we had just purchased our furniture in June 2007 when we built our house but I was able to persuade him to go along with my remodel. I had a vision and I needed him to see what was in my head. 

Brian (my husband) is very talented and I am very lucky to have such a handy fellow around. He loves to build furniture and refinish old furniture so this was a great team project. Brian decided to build our new dining room hutch from scratch- no plans, guides, etc. and he went to right work on the first new piece for our dining room. It was like the first mark on a blank canvas. My contribution was picking the color- of course, as an artist- and the hardware. It was a finished masterpiece in March and we really love it and it is right at home in its new space. It has been standing lonely in our dining room for a few months while we gathered fun finds to help keep it company and seat our company! 

We got lucky and my in-laws live right next to a great old barn that has lots of barn wood and beams available for the taking- by us! Brian dug out the best beams and founds his hands overwhelmed with splinters but it was a great find and worth the hard work. And so the table began. 

Any table would just not be complete without great chairs to sit on as we host Thanksgiving and lots of other entertaining holidays at our home. So the hunt began in early summer and we have just completed the search with the help of our great friend, Jen. We were on the lookout and finally complied 6 mismatched chairs, what I am happy to call, just as any visionary artist would "a perfect match!"


I so love the chairs. They are a great grouping of fun, classic, clean, harsh, smooth, curved lines and story-filled wear and tear. They are great conversation pieces. So the chairs are here, the table is in progress and now to work I go. I have neglected my studio and turned my attention to the chairs and I am in the process of making them even prettier by painting four values of aquamarine blue greens to the new additions to our dining room.

It is a great project and always fun to remodel, recolor and brighten up your life with the newness of old goodies! All recycled materials and all great deals! Love them all! I will share the finished photos when they get there. With school here, it will take a back seat but still is a work of art in progress.

Be Well and Enjoy!

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