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Sunday, September 6, 2009

simple beauties

As I sit on my front porch this blissful Sunday morning my eyes are captured by the simple beauties blowing in the wind.

The field beside my house is filled with colors and textures fit for this perfect weather. The sun is bright and allows these wildflowers to glow.

I am not certain of the technical names of these flowers but they are all quite elegant in their own right. The white against the green have such great contrast that they drew me in. I felt as if these flowers were crying out for attention and were just asking for my "paparazzi-style" attention! 

Upon further examination, I was able to see how beautiful these little flowers really are. I love flowers, they just have a way of making me smile. To me, these fields are Mother Nature's art that she has left here on Earth for us all to appreciate. So I walked along these little ones for a while and snapped a few shots so I can bring these back inside to be inspired to create my own art about these beauties. 

On my walk back inside I took some time to appreciate some of my own plantings. Many mums that are opening up and showing passers by all the beauty they carry within. Every place I go I see mums now. Grocery stores, home improvement stores, the local orchards are all selling mums with the range of a prism of colors and more. They are really sweet little flowers that show their "true colors" in the late summer and into fall.

In addition to the bright colors of the mums the strong scent of our lavender will get your attention. I wish you could smell this because it is a real treat for the nose!   

So I have gathered today's collection of flowers and I am up to the studio for some "art time." I hope you will all take some time to smell the simple beauties around you today and appreciate the art of flowers. 

Be Well and Enjoy!

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