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Monday, October 12, 2009

adventures in art studio land

 Today I am sharing some images of my studio and the goodies that surround me. 

The past few days I have found myself busy in my studio doing one of my favorite things, art making. I have just finished a commissioned piece and was keeping warm during these windy days through the good feelings of art making.

  I have to admit to being an extremely organized and neat individual but my studio is the one place where I find myself letting loose with colors of paints pouring out at every end. I love the marks that paint leaves behind on my tables and surfaces all around. 

I have photographed them and enjoy looking at what the painted marks make. 

All marks matter. There is such a great book that I would highly reccomend by Peter H. Reynolds' entitled, "The Dot." It is one of my favorites and a great read for young children and adults who claim, "I am not artistic." or "I cannot even draw a stick figure." Those are some of my least favorite things to hear from adults because it our job as adults to inspire and encourage our young people to do their best and try all things; also to not be afraid of making mistakes and that all things they make are important.

Marks matter. That is my message for the day. Check out what is left behind when you have painted or made a mess. Think about Abstract Expressionist Jackson Pollock and the marks he made by using a simple drip method or what he called, "action painting." 

Take some time to make doodles and marks even if you do not have a studio such as mine it is always important to make marks, free and release your inner imagination.

Be Well and Enjoy! 

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