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Saturday, October 10, 2009

fall fun finds around

I always like to look for the little things. Just as Georgia O'Keeffe would have. As a photographer, I feel that I was trained to really look at things and see the beauty in what many would call ordinary. 

As I walk around my backyard there are so many beautiful shapes and colors just waiting to be noticed. I snapped some shots and here is what I have found. 

 In the woods behind my house there are many hidden treasures. I love all the fun finds. I saw a little rock chair. This rock was formed liked a throne for a little squirrel or chipmunk to come sit upon. It was veryintriguing

There were also so many beautiful colors budding around the lawn and trees surrounding my house. I love fall, it is my favorite season. The crispness of the air, the colors, the festivities. It is really enjoyable. 

 It is a great time to take a drive, go to a local orchard, and enjoy the fall because all this beauty will not last long and white flakes will cover the landscape before we know it.

Be Well and Enjoy!

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