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Saturday, January 23, 2010

emma's mural

Today was a sunny day inside and out! As I completed the mural in Emma's room.

The sun is shining on this January day and so it does inside Emma's room. I completed a mural inside the room of a little friend of mine, Miss Emma.

Her request, "two fairies, glitter, a turtle, a snail and a tree with cloud." My work responded and fulfilled all of this 5-year- old's to do list. It really brings new life to this fantastic old home that the family has restored so wonderfully.

Emma is a stong and sassy young lady that shares many adult friends with her cute little blonde bob, fashionista style and need for glitter and glow. These fairies will fill her room with the joy of childhood and the smiles that last a lifetime.

When asked to find, "something pretty," Emma responded, "my mural." I am so pleased that now complete, Emma and I agree that this whimsical way has won over all of our hearts including her 10-year-old brother's!

Be Well and Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

sweet treats

My third grade artists have been creating sweet treats inspired by a multitude of great artists. We looked at pop artist Claes Oldenburg's giant food sculpture as well as painter Wayne Thiebaud, and one of my personal favorite clay artists Jill Wiener. We looked at all of these artists and were inspired to create functional works of art that both hold secret treasures and look delectably sweet.

They layered undergalzes to create these whimsical and fun colors! The clear glaze put the final "cherry on the top" and made these come out of the kiln shiny and stunning!

What magical pieces of art my young artists have created! I am such a lucky art teacher!

Recently, Jill was able to make a visit at school to see these delightful cupcakes inspired by her work and she loved them just as much as we all did making them! You can find Jill's work by clicking on the title of this blog. Her work will really amaze your eyes and delight your other senses!

Be Well and Enjoy!

Monday, January 18, 2010

o'keeffe in full bloom

I had to post a few more pictures of these amazing completed Georgia O'Keeffe paintings done by my 5th grade artists.

Check out the values in these paintings! My young artists are truly blossoming into great artists!!

Be Well and Enjoy!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

homage to o'keeffe

My 5th grade students have been working on stunning paintings inspired by my personal favorite artist, Georgia O'Keeffe. They have been building upon their prior knowledge of values and creating ture to life representations of flowers that they closely studied and observed then sketched first.

O'Keeffe began as an art teacher and I know if she were alive today she too would be as proud of a teacher as I am with the work of these young artists!

Parents of these young artists, be on the lookout for these bright flowers to brighten the walls of your homes soon! First, they must adorn the school walls for all in our school community to enjoy. Just as O'Keeffe had intended, these flowers truly brighten my day as well as that of others!

Be Well and Enjoy!