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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

pollock inspires

My second grade artists did an amazing job with their own "action paintings" in my art room. Jackson Pollock, American Abstract Expressionist painter, was a real inspiration to my young artists. He called his work "action art" because of how much movement he did while he was painting. He actually wanted to feel like he was in his paintings and my students could certainly say the same. Their hands were covered and a few noses too but it was great messy fun! What a great experience.

Many people look at Pollock's work and say, "Oh, any two year old could splatter paint." but Pollock knew exactly what he was doing. He created a sense of movement and excitement in his paintings and that is something really special.

I think the most important lesson about Jackson Pollock is that all art is great as it is an expression of one's self. As Pollock began art school he felt that he could not accurately portray what he saw in his mind on paper. He wanted his hand to do what he saw in his mind but could not make that happen and this is how he happened upon his abstract style of painting. To all young artists it is important to send this message, all art is important and worthy and that is my mission as an artist and art teacher to encourage young artists to not fear art but embrace it and that all marks matter.

So enjoy these great Pollock paintings and for a "cleaner" at-home experience you can click on the title of this blog post and you will be directed to a great Jackson Pollock website that will allow your inner artist to come out!

Be Well and Enjoy!

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