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Saturday, May 1, 2010

rock and roll art show

Last night was the Rock and Roll Chair Art Auction at the Warwick Valley High School. What a great event! Lots of great art by the high school art students- what talent! It was a great venue that raised money for an art scholarship.

As an elementary school art teacher in the district, it was so great to see all of the wonderful art done by my past students and how they have grown as artists. I also created a chair for the auction. It was a child's chair.

Here are a few pictures of my completed chair!

"Spring Song of Growth" by Nicole Sisco Heller
When I first saw this child's chair it "sang" to me. The design evolved the more that I looked at the chair. It is kind of a whimsical primitive folk art style with a twist of cuteness. The movement of the chair's spindles is like the songs of a spring bird. It is music to our ears from the long cold gray winter. The white is pure, cool and new. As things begin to grow so does the child who will sit upon this seat. The green textures of grass will feel soft among our toes and we will skip along to the tune of the birds. I hope this chair will go on and inspire creativity and art in its new home. Enjoy!

It was a great night filled with art and art appreciators! I know the money is going to a great cause and am so proud of all of the artists in our great arts community, Warwick!

Be Well and Enjoy!


  1. I decided at age 54..I wanted to draw...It has been a year. I am in love with watercolor...I can not get enough. Thank-you for your inspiring blog!

  2. oh, thank you for you wonderful comment! any age is great to start creating! pick any day and create! love watercolors! good for you! keep making art... an expression of you! enjoy!! xo

  3. Hi!
    I am SO EXCITED! We are kindred spirits, you and I! I saw your spread in Artful Blogging (?) I think...I looked at like 100 art mags today @ Barnes & Noble!
    I am a former art teacher...turned stay at home mom struggling to fit art into my day. Currently working toward publishing picture books....
    I txted myself your blog address from the B&N cafe so when I got home my hubby could do kiddo bedtime and I could find you online! :)
    Nice to be here! Gonna go take a look around!

  4. Hi! So great to hear from you! You saw me in Where Women Create!!! I cannot thank you enough for checking out my blog and all your compliments! It is so great to connect with great artists through the site and the magazine!! I completely understand that life can get busy and its hard to find time to make art some days but any time we make art is a great time! Enjoy and Be Well!! xo