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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

overhaul in the artroom

As the school year comes to an end, I find myself cleaning and reorganizing everything. I am a compulsive neat freak, which this is a rare combination for an artist I know but I am a unique.

So, I found myself looking at some blank, empty space and that is just not fun so I started talking with some of my talented 5th grade artists and they had ideas on how to fill the space. At first, they decided to paint Georgia O'Keeffe style flowers on the base cabinet doors near my sink because O'Keeffe is my favorite artist and it would bring life and color to the space.

Then when the students were finished we thought that made the back splash look very dull so they went on to paint Keith Haring inspired figures dancing around to compliment the flowers.

The colors and work look so wonderful and are really attracting a lot of attention from the young artists of the whole school. It is so exciting to see something evolve and change over a short period of time. The students who volunteered to paint these murals came on their own lunch and recess time everyday to make this possible. I cannot thank you all of you special artists, and you know you are, enough for giving such a great gift to the art room for everyone to enjoy forever!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

wadeson's mural

Wadeson's is a great home store located in the heart of Warwick, NY. You are always welcomed by smiling faces and friendly store cats. It is so important to support local family-owned businesses as I know this first hand with my father owning a local auto parts business started by my great grandfather who came over from Italy selling bait and bicycle parts out of his basement.

Wadeson's is a huge part of the community and the community knows what a great store this is to shop at! Craig Wadeson asked me if I could spend some time one day after school with some students to paint a mural in his front window. I selected a great group of young artists and we walked down after school. It was a nice walk and super fun for all of us!

The children sketched out a great spring design with a young lady walking along the street carrying a yellow umbrella and wearing bright yellow wellies. It looks like the spring shower is complete and a beautiful rainbow has formed over her head. It was a great concept and came out beautiful!

The mural is complete and we hope you stop by and visit not only the mural but the great people of Wadeson's. For more information about Wadeson's, click on the title of this post.

Both the young artists and I would like to thank Craig Wadeson for such a great opportunity!

Be Well and Enjoy!