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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

overhaul in the artroom

As the school year comes to an end, I find myself cleaning and reorganizing everything. I am a compulsive neat freak, which this is a rare combination for an artist I know but I am a unique.

So, I found myself looking at some blank, empty space and that is just not fun so I started talking with some of my talented 5th grade artists and they had ideas on how to fill the space. At first, they decided to paint Georgia O'Keeffe style flowers on the base cabinet doors near my sink because O'Keeffe is my favorite artist and it would bring life and color to the space.

Then when the students were finished we thought that made the back splash look very dull so they went on to paint Keith Haring inspired figures dancing around to compliment the flowers.

The colors and work look so wonderful and are really attracting a lot of attention from the young artists of the whole school. It is so exciting to see something evolve and change over a short period of time. The students who volunteered to paint these murals came on their own lunch and recess time everyday to make this possible. I cannot thank you all of you special artists, and you know you are, enough for giving such a great gift to the art room for everyone to enjoy forever!


  1. Those flowers are amazing-what a talented group of kids.

  2. Nicole. I am so excited that you are an art teacher with all that creativity you have!
    i remember you so clearly from Circleville . Your mom was a sweetie just like you

  3. Wonderful article in the magazine! I love your blog!! It has been a big inspiration to me. Please check out my budding blog
    I would appreciate the support!
    Becca Ruth

  4. I just discovered your blog through the magazine article. You inspire me!
    I have boring classroom cabinets that I would like to paint, too. I'm wondering about durability - did your students use tempera or acrylic paint?

  5. did you prime the cabinets first? i have these same boring cabinets in my room...I think they are laminate. Your cabinets turned out great.