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Sunday, September 19, 2010

minneapolis makes art connections

Well hello friends! I am just in from Minneapolis, MN from a great art event called The Creative Connection and what do you know.... I feel creatively connected! I met and visited with lots of great creative minds. Lots of strong and artistic women.

This was my first visit to Minneapolis and even though I do love to shop, this trip was for arts sake and I did not make it to the Mall of America. I was able to make my way out of the hotel on a few occasions to get some great coffee and oatmeal from Caribou Coffee and one of the yummiest salads of my life from Chipotle and on my to do list is to find a near by Chipotle!

Minneapolis was filled with great and friendly people that I was so glad to come in contact with. I feel very inspired by such great women. Among the women I was able to talk with "Where Women Create's" creator Jo Packham and former editor in chief of "Country Living" Nancy Soriano. Both women worked together to create this art inspiring event. I also had great chats with fun ladies like Khristian A. Howell, and the Tip Junkie with topics that never exclude our wearable art!

The Creative Connection offered so many educational classes and panels for artful women to better and advance themselves. I am always inspired by painter Laurie Meseroll. I was able to speak with her up close and personal about her 15-30 layers that she applies to her canvases. Wow! That is a LOT of work. I love the innocence and attitude in each one of the faces in her paintings. She shared with me and many class participants that its not about the materials, its about the subject matter in conjunction with the creator that makes a successful painting. I asked her if she uses black gesso for her pieces and she told me she uses house paint and she also suggested templates as a tool for those less inclined in drawing. I thought this was a great tip and tool for using with students who may struggle in my classroom. I have a few of Laurie's paintings in our home and we really love them and her so thank you Laurie! In addition, we also dished about recipes, haircuts and nose studs just as great girl powered artists would!

One really fun piece I was able to do was a 2"x3" bird mixed media collage I entitled, "fly free friend." Each participant was invited to create a small work to be added to a large overall mural that would be auctioned off as part of the Art Is... establishment fund raiser to benefit children with cleft palette syndrome. The overall product was just as bright as the participants.

I also am so inspired by the work of Krys Kirkpatrick of Hutch Studio. I loved her small works and large illustrations. They are loose and also reminiscent of some of the early "Winnie the Pooh" drawings. Krys is very clever and uses many recycled materials. Cardboard is one of many recycled materials most of us can get our hands on and use in our art. So I am combining her cardboard use with that of an artist I saw this summer who created cardboard robots.

I am full of ideas and look forward to bringing these fun artists back to my room and share these practicing artists with my students. What better way to show that people can have a successful career in the art world than sharing both the "great" artists of the past and present with those great young artists of the future in my classroom!

I am so happy to have spent a few days in a new city with such great strong artists! Thank you to all for making it an inspirational trip especially my glitter gal pal and roommate for the past 5 days, Jen!!! xo

Be Well and Enjoy!

PS- I really hope you will all go check out these great artists and more today!


  1. It was wonderful to be with you
    I am working on lots more pics to post later this are in lots of them
    thanks for all you did to make the event a success...I love that everyone there recognized you as THE Art TEacher from the magazine!!! xxoo

  2. Thank you for reporting so nicely on this event which there was much buzz about. And BTW, Chipotle started in Denver in one small space, still owned by the same guy but it's become's wholesome, fast food that tastes good too. We have them everywhere here in CO,... and now they are popping up all over the US! Most probably there is one in your town too.