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Monday, November 22, 2010

musical magic

My 8th grade artists have been very busy finishing up these music inspired works of art. They had lots of layers. The students first sketched in their sketchbooks musical instruments.

Then they blew those images up and drew them on a larger piece of paper breaking the borders of the paper. We also talked about composition and layering the instruments using the space so the positive and negative space had balance.

We then cut and collaged sheet music. On to another layer we used water colors and used only analogous colors on the color wheel tapping into color theory. They painted certain areas and for the final layer they used marker for the finishing touches.

Oh wait,I guess there was one final layer with matting these musical masterpieces.

They all came out so wonderful. They are truly brightening up the white school walls and I can hear the music coming from them. They brighten up my day and those of others every time we walk by.

My artists got a great handle on color, space, mixed media and much much more as they completed these beautiful works of art!

Be Well and Enjoy!

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