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Monday, December 20, 2010

clay that excites the tastebuds

My 7th grade artists been creating clay desserts inspired by pop artist Claus Oldenberg, Wayne Thiebaud and clay artist Jill Wiener.

We have created an array of delightful desserts using clay. All of these works are functional boxes and can be used for an array of objects that can be kept inside.

Some students used slabs to create their desserts. We began with templates that each individual student made his/her own templates so each is unique. Other students used hand building as well but created pinch pots to form their colorful cupcakes.

The students used stroke and coat glazes for the first time (and my first time) and we really loved them! The colors are vibrant and so true! These glazes are keepers!

So sit down, relax and enjoy the holidays, winter break and one another! Might as well share a sweet treat while you are doing it! I will be enjoying some gluten free treats with my family very soon!

Be Well, Enjoy and Happy Holidays!


  1. I've done the cupcake thing but I like the idea of giving them the choice of cake and pie... Thanks for the thought!

  2. yes! they come out great too! so cute! i needed a change of pace so i gave them all a choice and demoed each technique and then they made their own!