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Friday, December 31, 2010

the jewelry door

Those who know me know I love to organize. When it comes to my jewelry I really like to keep it organized but recognize that it is art and I wanted it to be displayed as well.

After long contemplation and many ideas passed by my dear friends Kelli and Dan had an extra door in their garage and the idea came to life, a jewelry door! We have heard of jewelry drawers, jewelry trees and jewelry boxes but this is my jewelry DOOR!

Brian, my very handy husband painted this goody to a bright statement red and then he screwed in a bunch of hooks for my baubles and jewels to hang from. We propped it up on a wall in our bedroom and it is a work of art! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

It really showcases my most favorite pieces. The door handle holds a key necklace which I felt was appropriate and the original hook up top can still hold many beautiful works of art.

I love the way my Debbee Thibault necklaces are wonderfully whimsical and make me smile with all their character. I love Debbee's work.

I also love the way my Caramia Visick's Hotcakes jewelry shines with its luster and fun resin encased glory.

Lynsey Walters is a super talented artist who I just recently added to my collection and she is the colorful Scottish artist who I acquired the owl necklaces from. I am in love with all things birds and even have three different bird tattoos on my body so I had to scarf up these owls as soon as I saw them!

And of course there is my large Dara DiMagno collection. Dara has been one of my favorite artists for a long time as I have blogged about her work before. Her colorful nature really shows in all of her work and they are really conversation starters every time I wear one!

Organization is the key to success in my life! I love having things at hand and when I am ready to run out the door and need that statement piece my jewelry door is there for me to grab and go! So enjoy my collection of jewelry art and maybe you can take some time to compartmentalize and organize something today too... try it- organizing really can be fun and make you feel good too!

Be Well and Enjoy!

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