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Monday, January 10, 2011

beautiful birds

My 7th grade artists have been "bird watching."
It is no secret that birds are truly one of my most favorite things. I have bird themed decor all over my home and three large bird tattoos. I just love birds so this project was a natural evolution for me to teach my students about the beauty of birds and to carefully observe and appreciate these delicate beauties.

First the students carefully observed birds and created bird sketches in colored pencil using interesting compositions and considering habitats.

We talked a lot about the different habitats and seasons that birds can be seen in and how the sky behind the bird can make it either fade away or contrastingly pop out.

We also talked about color theory including values, warm/cool and complimentary colors of birds. It was a good refreshing lesson about how the male birds are more colorful than the females and the students enjoyed hearing some fun facts about one of my favorite feathered creatures.

The students then used watercolors and white tempera to paint in these beautiful birds. The students really learned to control and layer the watercolors to create bird textures and feathers on a 2-D surface. This is no easy feat and I think they handled the challenge well. I gave them white tempera to help add highlights and for some birds that needed white.

Take a quick look because these birds are ready to take flight.

Be Well and Enjoy!

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