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Thursday, January 13, 2011

joseph's world

Joseph Ryan is an up and coming young artist. He is a senior at Minisink Valley High School, NY. He has been creating his own characters and art since he was a young boy. He cannot get enough sketching time in each day and I have had the pleasure to know and been teaching him art for over two years now.

When I first met him he had binders upon binders and notebooks upon notebooks filled and bursting at the seams quite frankly, of his creations to share with me and I knew then that he had something special; a love and passion for art.

Joseph is clever and quick-witted. His humor really shows through in some of his work while he loves a great love story and blood and gore all at the same time to be portrayed through his work. He creates series, movie ideas and narrates them from titles like "Dah Stupids" to "The Whatever Girls" they always have something to appeal to the masses and that is exactly where he wants to take his work next.

In our lessons, I have pushed him to transform his 2-D drawings into real-life 3-D sculptures and he has succeeded and continues to challenge himself in each task I give him. He has created small books, comic strips, prints, paintings, mosaics, collages and many more amazing works of art! I am so proud of him!

His biggest inspiration is Tim Burton who is also one of my personal favorites and you can really see Burton shining through in some of his work. Each and every piece is always unique and filled with things that only Joseph could think up.

Joseph has traveled to many places with his parents and cute little dog, who often makes appearances in his work, across the United States in search of inspiration and information about art.

His yearning and interest in art are contagious and I am glad to have had the opportunity to teach him private art lessons for so long now. He is truly a talented young artist and excited about the opportunities ahead of him. No matter what path Joseph chooses I know he will continue to make art and do great things!

Be Well and Enjoy!

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