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Monday, January 3, 2011

small works

As the years pass I am constantly evolving and learning new things about art. I love painting but I appreciate all forms of art and jump on the opportunity to try new things and just have fun with my work.

I recently began doing a small works series that run roughly 2" x 3." Each one is a combination of mixed media (painting, drawing, collage and printmaking) and lots of layers.

I was inspired by some collage work my 5th grade students started making last year in my class and began collecting and saving as much "junk" as I could find.

I started to see all types of shapes and forms in things I would ordinarily throw away and found new life and a way of making them "pretty" again. It was also a great way to recycle.

So I have been working on a small collection when I get a chance and here they are. I am still uncertain of how I will mount them.

As of right now I am envisioning some sort of shadow boxes to hold them but without glass so you can really see them.

I guess they are still a work in progress but I am really enjoying making them and a big thanks to my students for inspiring me. Teaching art is really a give and take and I am happy to take this idea from them!

Be Well and Enjoy!

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