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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the birds, bees and other animals of our home

I have always really loved bees and been a long time collector because my husband's name is Brian and we all call him B. Then both he and my father-in-law began keeping bees and gathering yummy honey that is both great for plants and allergy sufferers such as myself.

I also really enjoy bugs and have a real interest in all things small and crawling. While creeper crawlers scare some away they always draw me in. So whenever I can find a great bug that has seen the end of its days I collect it and keep it in a great little shadow box.

Then I really started seeing birds in a new light and I really fell head over heals inlove with birds..... all birds.

I believe animals come into your life for a reason and a killdeer bird came into my life and gave me a message of strength and I have had a strong connection and adoration of these brave little animals.

I even shared my love and interest in birds with my students last month as you saw my post about the bird paintings that my 7th grade artists created.

So as my love for small creatures grows as does the collection around our house. They are found in my husband's office, on the end table in our family room, even next to my laptop as I type now. In so many places you can find a charming little birdie singing a song of spring to come which makes me smile on a cold wintry snow day like today.

Enjoy this sneak peak around our home of just a small taste of our feathered friends and take note of any small wonders around your home... inside and out. Also if you know of any great leads on birds let me know.... wink, wink!

Enjoy and Be Well! tweet... tweet...


  1. I love killdeer! I got to photograph a pair with their babies (cutest little fluff balls ever) last spring!

  2. awesome! we have some photos too of killdeer right next to our driveway and i have a tattoo of one now... love them! thanks for commenting and stopping by! be well!