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Thursday, February 24, 2011

insect invasion

My 6th grade artists have been working on wonderful value drawings of insects. We looked at the Maman spiders of Louise Bourgeios and a great ant piece that M.C. Escher did.

Then we jumped in and created our own insect value drawings. Many great artists have used insects as inspiration for their work over the years.

The students used their observational skills and looked an insect photographs and then recreated their own insects using the value scale that I taught them in the first few weeks of our new semester. They are also really building their drawing skills with their sketchbooks they are working in.

Next up are paper mache insect sculptures. We are going to make these wonderful drawings come to life, larger than life as Bourgeios did, not exactly of her scale... wink, wink... but of a little more classroom friendly size. We have just begun these fun works and pictures are sure to follow!

For now, enjoy this insect invasion! Our hall certainly has many creatures crawling around it now!

Be Well and Enjoy!


  1. What a cool way to work on value. I love this lesson!
    What kind of paper did you do this lesson on?

  2. sulphate drawing paper... nothing special.. it is good paper though! thanks for the compliment! glad you liked it... the kids really did!!