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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

daisies for katie

I love doing mural work especially for kids. Children of all ages are so appreciative of art. It's so great when they see the empty wall metamorphosis into a final work of art.

This mural was one of my personal favorites because it featured my favorite flower, daisies. I like daisies so much we named our white cat with yellow eyes, Daisy. Eh, I will throw in a picture of her, she deserves the publicity... wink... wink! This is her doing what she does best, sleeping.

But back to the mural. This piece is done in a middle school-aged girl's room who is transitioning her style from "little girl" into "cool chic teenager hood." I first saw the space on Saturday and then today on our snow day off from school I went to her space and transformed this bright wall into a canvas of flowers.

This pre-teen picked yellow and gray as her signature colors. I do love this color combination and love to fashion a great yellow top with gray skirt, with a touch of contrasting black accessories so my interest was peaked.

She had a single yellow Gerber daisy in a vase in her room and that was the inspiration. We both love daisies, it was a perfect match! Her new mural features daisies falling from her ceiling as per her request.

As I painted, one of her younger brothers sat on the floor quietly and intrigued behind me. With each brush stroke the wall changed and he took note. Then as typical young boys do, he went to play some games and when he returned and walked through the door he said, "WOOOOOAHHH!!!!" I think it is safe to say that I have his seal of approval too and I appreciated all the excitement from the entire family!

The flowers are punchy and exciting just as we all imagined! I am very pleased with the daisies and know this is a great piece that will "grow" with her.

Be Well and Enjoy!

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