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Monday, April 11, 2011

insects crawling your way

My 6th grade artists have cleverly been creating insects from paper mache.

First the students built a newspaper and masking tape armature and then they built upon those materials with paper mache that hardened and made them stable sculptures.

The students then painted them in bright and bold colors that represented realistic and fun creepy crawlers.

Lastly, they added tissue paper, ribbon, felt, pipe cleaners, etc. to make these fun 6 and 8 legged friends come to life.

As our district wide art show fast approaches I am scooping up some of these great insects to display with the rest of the wonderful 3D work that my students have created!

They are crawling close to you soon so come and visit again soon for more information on the art show!

Be Well and Enjoy!


  1. Hi Nicole, these look great! Do you think students in year 1 and 2 could manage this activity?

  2. Hi Anna!

    I tried this when I taught elementary with first grade because a classroom teacher asked me to and it was too much! I felt like I was doing all the work instead of the students doing the work themselves as art should be... however, second grade I would say could work if you picked maybe one insect... all spiders say and you did it with them whole class step by step or if you picked all fish or all birds... this would certainly make it more doable!

    If you do end up doing it I would love to see pictures!

    Good luck and Enjoy!