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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

k-12 art extravagnza & chair auction

The big week is here. Our art show has arrived. This Friday, April 29 4:30-9pm is our annual art show. This year it is a combined K-12 show for the first time. It is a gallery-hop style show with the K-8 portion at the Warwick Valley District Office and Middle School and then the 9-12 and chair auction portion being held at the Warwick Valley High School. The poster above has all the details. This year things are new and the poster was personally designed and created by myself.It is also a special night because we are dedicating the night to Mrs. Jane Hamburger as this is her final year in the Warwick School District. Jane has served as the K-5 and K-12 director of art and music for many years now as well as holding the position of Principal of Pine Island Elementary School and before that she was a talented and gifted teacher in our district. Jane will be greatly missed and we look forward to dedicating the night to her... Shhhhh... it's a surprise though!

This is the second year we have held the chair auction and it was a huge success the first year when I created a small child's chair with small song birds on it. This year I took a very different approach and was inspired by both Sonia Delaunay and Wassily Kandinsky to create a very modern design on an antique chair.

The title is "contrasting Perspective" with a play on the modern and aged coming
together. It has many meanings and my students felt that it has a sweet appearance which I think does a great job of describing this seat!

Along with my chair, my MS teaching partner, Rick Weber will have a chair for sale as well. He is a clay artist by nature and shows his work in Milford, PA as well as various galleries in our area. His chair was inspired by and quite perfectly resembles Swiss cheese.

Rick drilled thousands of holes and painted it a wonderful yellow and then true to his art, he created little mice from clay and attached them all over the chair. It is a wonderful surprise and a great fun chair as well! To find out more about Rick Weber's work you can visit his website at

This is a busy week and the invitations are out and posters are up... now to hang the show and get the chairs on display!

We hope you will come out and support the Visual Arts program in Warwick and if you are reading this from a far be sure to keep an open eye for upcoming posts on the show results.

Be Well and Enjoy!


  1. Wishing you much success and joyous out comes from your upcoming art show. Wonderful chairs, btw! As I am one of those from "a far" I look forward to a follow up post with pictures and details. Once again, good luck!

  2. What wonderfully creative chairs! I have 3 used dining chairs in my art room & was waiting for inspiration to strike! Thanks so much for the photos - you have my creative juices flowing now...

  3. Absolutely stunning!!, can i ask how you did the chairs i'm a total furniture decorating novice, did you have to sand them down first and did you need a primer before you drew with the pastels? sorry if thats a really silly question :)