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Thursday, May 26, 2011

mark your calendars

Another great event with the Earth Angels will take place in Lafayette, NJ on Saturday, June 11 and Sunday, June 12.

I was not able to attend last weekend's event in Saratoga, NY but am so looking forward to this fun weekend out. The host will be Rose Petal Porch which is a great venue. Brian and I have shopped in Lafayette and Rose Petal Porch holds many great finds. There are many treasures to be found especially if you love antiques all throughout this quaint town!

I will be working among the Earth Angels and so look forward to this!

So mark your calendars now and I sincerely hope to see you all there! It is a wonderfully great weekend of shopping and fun!

For more information on Rose Petal Porch please click on the title of this post and you will be linked to the website and for more information on Earth Angels please click here .

If you do stop by and please find me and say hello!

Be Well and Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

clay cakes

My 7th grade artists created follow up works to their Theibaud inspired drawings of sweet treats using clay.

They made their dessert drawings come to life three dimensionally through the clay media. Students sketched and then created templates for clay cake slices that turned into wonderful functional boxes.

While other students were directly inspired by clay artist Jill Wiener to create sketches and hand built great clay cupcakes that also function as great storage for small goods.

The students were extremely creative with creating handles for their dessert boxes too with so many great inspirational people out there making real delectable desserts with funky details and decorations.

This is truly one of my favorite projects because the students love to make these works, they come out amazing, and most of all each student in both of my semesters really created a unique work of art!

So enjoy a treat today in honor of these great works of art!

Be Well and Enjoy!

Monday, May 23, 2011

a CLOSE up look at portraits

My 8th grade students just completed great portrait value drawings. We first looked at the work of Chuck Close and learned about the way he uses a grid to make his photorealism portrait paintings.

Then my students created their own grids on paper. They looked and observed the values in the photographs carefully. They are using their important value scale and pencil techniques that we have worked on from our sketchbooks.

My students did a great job on these portraits. They are looking right at you and ready for their CLOSE UP!

Be Well and Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

another art night out

Last night I attended Goshen Middle School's (C.J. Hooker School) 6-8 Art Show. This was not the first art show in Goshen that I have attended seeing that my dear friend Lorie's daughter, Megan is quite a young artist.

The displays looked great and I got great project ideas.Megan had three pieces of art in the show, first a pen and ink drawing of a frog... which I loved this lesson and will most likely be using it next year... wink... wink... a silk resist of a flower and an acrylic landscape painting.

In Goshen, the 8th grade students can participate in an Advanced Art Studio course that allows them to make enormous group sculptures such as the figure that you see in the photograph featuring two sides; one good and one dark.

Students are also able to make large paintings on wood and lastly chairs for a silent auction. The chairs were wonderful and really well done by such talented eighth grade students. Lorie's 5 year-old son, Conner very decisively bid on a chair of his own without telling mom which was so cute that he printed only his first name and no phone number to contact him at... fingers crossed that he wins that great Dr. Seuss inspired chair!

Megan, Bredan, Conner, Lorie, Brian and I all had a great night out for art. Megan's work was wonderful as were all of the other young artists in Goshen under the direction of art teachers Chrissy Pahucki and Melissa Ochs. Great job ladies!

I certainly look forward to next year when Megan is in eighth grade and makes a chair of her own for the auction! She is a talented young lady and I am proud to have watched her grow as an artist the past eight years.

Enjoy and Be Well!

Friday, May 6, 2011

i heart clay coils

My 6th grade artists of second semester here in Warwick, NY have just completed wonderful coil cups.
The students (and teachers) love clay! It is such a great fine motor building skill and a great way to just get plain messy! The end result is one of excitement and functional joy. I am very fortunate to have two kilns in my room to use and enjoy so clay projects are a MUST in my book!

We began with the most elementary and fundamental of hand building clay methods... making a pinch pot. Pinching methods are used in so many facets of hand building and so it never hurts to teach and/or re-teach pinching methods and control of the clay. Often students of all ages pinch too hard to too soft and neither make for successful piece so pinching was first on the list of things to teach.

Then we went into coil methods and quite frankly, what can't you do with a coil? Coils are endless. They are great tools to make arches, braids, circles, swirls, dots, vertical and horizontal straight built coils... I can go on but I know you understand the importance of coils so we used coils in shapes and fun designs to make a foot for the pinch pot to stand upon and then up and out from the pinch pot base. They were wonderful and the kids love using coils just because they are so diverse.

Lastly, we glazed them. The glazes make these pieces functional and really shiny. I have seen a few pieces from time to time with India Ink or some other material on clay that I have enjoyed but nothing is as bright to me as glaze... plus it makes these functional for all sorts of treasures!

Be Well and Enjoy CLAY!

Monday, May 2, 2011

an awesome art night!

The show was a hit! We had lots of gallery hopping by students of all ages and a huge success of a chair auction which scholarships benefits art students pursuing an art career. There was a great mix of movement, chatter and enjoyment! I took lots of photographs of work that I did with my students along with the other K-8 art teachers and what their students have been working on. It all looks so great!

The flow was excellent and we all really enjoyed ourselves. It is great to meet parents for the first time and/or catch up with families for me that I had not seen since I began working at the Middle School this year.

The dedication to Jane Hamburger was excellent and I spoke a while about what a huge influence she has had on all of us as art teachers and professionals. She was very much a mentor to all students and staff included and will be missed greatly. I know that she was delighted by the dedication and will enjoy her retirement. Our Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Reinhard along with art teachers Louise Silver, Julie Cosco and Terry McLoughlin all stood up with me which was great!

Take a look at all the talent we have here in Warwick K-8. I am always impressed!

There was lots to look at so here are a few great shots of the work!

Be Well and Enjoy!