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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

another art night out

Last night I attended Goshen Middle School's (C.J. Hooker School) 6-8 Art Show. This was not the first art show in Goshen that I have attended seeing that my dear friend Lorie's daughter, Megan is quite a young artist.

The displays looked great and I got great project ideas.Megan had three pieces of art in the show, first a pen and ink drawing of a frog... which I loved this lesson and will most likely be using it next year... wink... wink... a silk resist of a flower and an acrylic landscape painting.

In Goshen, the 8th grade students can participate in an Advanced Art Studio course that allows them to make enormous group sculptures such as the figure that you see in the photograph featuring two sides; one good and one dark.

Students are also able to make large paintings on wood and lastly chairs for a silent auction. The chairs were wonderful and really well done by such talented eighth grade students. Lorie's 5 year-old son, Conner very decisively bid on a chair of his own without telling mom which was so cute that he printed only his first name and no phone number to contact him at... fingers crossed that he wins that great Dr. Seuss inspired chair!

Megan, Bredan, Conner, Lorie, Brian and I all had a great night out for art. Megan's work was wonderful as were all of the other young artists in Goshen under the direction of art teachers Chrissy Pahucki and Melissa Ochs. Great job ladies!

I certainly look forward to next year when Megan is in eighth grade and makes a chair of her own for the auction! She is a talented young lady and I am proud to have watched her grow as an artist the past eight years.

Enjoy and Be Well!


  1. I know! I was really impressed and love seeing other art teachers ideas! I am looking forward to implementing some of these great ideas! Thanks for your comments ladies!