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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

clay cakes

My 7th grade artists created follow up works to their Theibaud inspired drawings of sweet treats using clay.

They made their dessert drawings come to life three dimensionally through the clay media. Students sketched and then created templates for clay cake slices that turned into wonderful functional boxes.

While other students were directly inspired by clay artist Jill Wiener to create sketches and hand built great clay cupcakes that also function as great storage for small goods.

The students were extremely creative with creating handles for their dessert boxes too with so many great inspirational people out there making real delectable desserts with funky details and decorations.

This is truly one of my favorite projects because the students love to make these works, they come out amazing, and most of all each student in both of my semesters really created a unique work of art!

So enjoy a treat today in honor of these great works of art!

Be Well and Enjoy!


  1. thanks! these are great glazes... mayco stroke and coat... i would HIGHLY recommend them! enjoy!

  2. Those cakes are brilliant! So realistic!

  3. love the cake and cupcakes! Are the cake boxes slab built?

  4. I make clay cupcakes with my kindergarten students using two pinch pots, but I LOVE the slab cakes! I think I might borrow the ideas for my 4th graders so we can have some delicious desserts on display at our art show!

    Any tips? I have a slap roller, do you have a pattern or anything that worked well?

    Just started my own blog a few weeks ago

  5. Really great ideas to pass along to the student's, they and you great job

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  7. o you have to fire the tops and bottoms separately? Or can you fire the pieces on top of each other if you are careful not to glaze the pieces that touch?

  8. these are beautiful - love the cake slices! What paint did you use to paint the clay? Thank you