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Friday, May 6, 2011

i heart clay coils

My 6th grade artists of second semester here in Warwick, NY have just completed wonderful coil cups.
The students (and teachers) love clay! It is such a great fine motor building skill and a great way to just get plain messy! The end result is one of excitement and functional joy. I am very fortunate to have two kilns in my room to use and enjoy so clay projects are a MUST in my book!

We began with the most elementary and fundamental of hand building clay methods... making a pinch pot. Pinching methods are used in so many facets of hand building and so it never hurts to teach and/or re-teach pinching methods and control of the clay. Often students of all ages pinch too hard to too soft and neither make for successful piece so pinching was first on the list of things to teach.

Then we went into coil methods and quite frankly, what can't you do with a coil? Coils are endless. They are great tools to make arches, braids, circles, swirls, dots, vertical and horizontal straight built coils... I can go on but I know you understand the importance of coils so we used coils in shapes and fun designs to make a foot for the pinch pot to stand upon and then up and out from the pinch pot base. They were wonderful and the kids love using coils just because they are so diverse.

Lastly, we glazed them. The glazes make these pieces functional and really shiny. I have seen a few pieces from time to time with India Ink or some other material on clay that I have enjoyed but nothing is as bright to me as glaze... plus it makes these functional for all sorts of treasures!

Be Well and Enjoy CLAY!

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