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Friday, June 17, 2011

egyptian ARTifacts

My 6th grade students finished up our final project inspired by Ancient Egyptian art. The students used manilla paper to give a great aged look and then sketched with pencil a sarcophagus with Egyptian hieroglyphics, artifacts and cartouches within the body.

The students did a great detailed job showing the Egyptian eyes, headdress and necklaces.

Then they used a wonderful gold paint to paint the background with the Sun God Ra in mind and the Egyptians love of gold.

Lastly, they went over all of their pencil lines using black sharpie markers. They colored some areas in for overall contrast.

I love these sarcophagus works as did the students because they just finished learning about the history of Ancient Egypt in their Social Studies classes.

We are getting close to the end... only a few more days here... and at this point we are all worshipping the sun!

Be Well and Enjoy!


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