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Monday, June 20, 2011

murals that make a mark

All year I have been dying to get some color on the walls of our school and I was just granted permission to begin the Middle School's first mural project.

The Middle School is really coming to life with its two new additions, murals that is. I selected great student artists to help me paint and we spent time during the past two weeks after school and during their lunch periods painting these colorful creations.

The first addition I was charged by my Principal to create in the front entrance with a school spirit theme and the ROARing wildcat while the second mural found its new home next to the teacher's mailboxes in the cafetorium inspired by pop artist Keith Haring.

Once we decided on the subject matter I then called upon my "team" of great artists from all three grade levels to help me paint.

I sketched the murals and the students painted them with a few finished touch ups and additions by me. As the fine young artists painted, students, staff and parents all commented on their artistic ability and how this was really "brightening" up the school.

The main goal in my mind of the murals is do just that, bring some fun and school spirit to the home of education here at Warwick Valley Middle School.

I finished these murals late Friday night during a tremendous rain and hail storm and so the entire school got a bright surprise today when they came to school!

As the summer is upon us we all know that these murals will be here bright and cheery, ready to greet us in September and maybe more murals will also find homes among the school's halls to match the energy and excitement we all bring to learning here at the Middle School.

Be Well and Enjoy!

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