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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

walk the LINE into summer

My 8th grade students just finished their final project and just in the nick of time as tomorrow is our last day of school.

They created line drawings using colored pencils inspired by French artist Sonia Delaunay. Delaunay's work is a fine balance of color, shape and line as an abstract form of art. My students were really interested in her work as they saw posters hanging on my wall and in the hall of her work so I took a cue from their interest and decided to develop a lesson around her work.

We focused on line first. I had a series of line types on the board and they looked at the different types and chose to overlap two or three of those line types in pencil using rulers, triangles and/or compasses on their paper. Then they found shapes formed within the overlapping lines.

They examined the shapes and colored them in using colored pencils. Some students chose color patterns while other students used every colored pencil in the cup, none the less, they filled in the shapes to create bright bold contrast and visual interest within the lines. This brings new meaning to the saying, "reading between the lines."

The finished products were very bold and really commanded attention. The students were very pleased with their work and they all wanted to hang them up in their bedrooms. This was a perfect way for these students to finish their middle school art career as they walk the LINE into high school.

It was a great first year for me and I look forward to a great summer of rest and lesson planning for next year!

Be Well and Enjoy!


  1. Wow! I'm definitely using this project next year. These are beautiful!!

  2. Do you have directions for this lesson?

  3. To make them pop even more, use black sharpie before you color in.