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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

wrapping it up with non-objective

My last 7th grade project is one inspired by Paul McCartney and non-objective art. Most students know Paul McCartney as the superstar Beatle but we take a closer, deeper look at his work and his love for doodling ever since he was a child. We then look at non-objective work and how the compositions are of an abstract nature with a harmonious balance of line and shape.

My students used collaged images from McCartney inspired books and then drew with meaningful marks all over the paper. We had a full day of sketching in their sketchbooks where they really explored lines and how to create marks with meaning instead of just scribbles on the paper and how abstract art really has meaning and a place in the art world. For even the least skilled drawing students this lesson was a HUGE success and they all really benefited from this experince.

Although these mixed media masterpieces merely have black and white they truly have a wonderful value scale including gray with great contrast!

My students really enjoyed the opportunity to be free with their drawings and get creative as well. Just looking around at shapes and other works really inspired them and they truly were excited about these works!

This was such a relaxing project that while my students worked you could have heard a pin drop in my classroom. They were so focused and I too enjoyed this lesson so I decided to create two drawings of my own. Check out the last photograph... that is a peak at one of the drawings that I was working on!

Be Well and Enjoy!

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