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Thursday, August 25, 2011

beautiful bermuda

Summer is coming to a close and just in time Brian and I were able to be swept away on a cruise to Bermuda. What a wonderful way to wrap up summer! Bermuda is just beautiful.

The water in Bermuda is the most inspiring color and made me excited to come back and make more art. I photographed some of my most favorite things, entryways and windows endlessly and it was not challenging to document such a beautiful place with all their bright and pastel colored architecture.

I also became obsessed with ropes. With all the ports and ferry rides ropes and rusted hooks and loops were everywhere so I had a total of 400+ photos that I really loved and embraced Bermuda's beauty.

As we explored Bermuda we were able to find lots of great artists living and working in Bermuda. There were tons of watercolorists and jewelry makers capturing the pink sands so beautifully. We went to the Bermuda Arts Center and I picked up a great canvas tote with their logo to transport goodies back and forth to school in.

We are ready to go back and look forward to another trip in the years to come! If you have not been, I highly recommend going. The pink sand and aqua blue green water was just stunning. Take a peek into some of my favorite images from the trip.

Be Well and Enjoy!

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