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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

paint the town PINK!

For a second year in a row I was asked to work with my students in the village of Warwick to paint pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness on the local shop windows. What a great honor this is.

It is so nice to know that we have a such a great community filled with local shops that want to donate and give to such a great cause, the Susan G. Komen foundation. It is also so nice to know that they want to have local Warwick Valley Middle School students paint proud pink ribbons on their shop windows!

I gathered a small group of students and we painted the town "PINK!" The students and I all donated our time after school on Monday, September 19, 2011 for a great cause that is important to all of us.

As I drive through town, I am overjoyed to see the bright pink ribbons glowing on the shop windows.

I am proud to call Warwick home.

Please click on the title of this post to find out how you can donate to the Susan G. Komen foundation today and help support breast cancer research.

Be Well and Enjoy!

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  1. Very good initiative to create awareness about breast cancer, over the past few years good steps have been taken on it but I still believe that there is lot more to do. Thank you for sharing the information about ti with us