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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

barns in fall beauty

My 8th grade artists created barn pen and ink drawings using one point perspective. I am not a personal huge fan of technical drawing. As an artist, I never liked using a ruler, however, as a teacher, I know how important perspective is to learn as a tool to draw correctly and so here are the results of what my students created.
After we finished these drawings, the interesting fact was that quite a few students came to me interested in learning more about perspective so I have been teaching a small group on my lunch how to draw using 3 point and 2 point perspective. I really enjoyed seeing their enthusiasm.
I taught my students how to draw using one point whole class and demonstrated it on the board with a barn. Then the students created their own on their papers. I walked around and helped individual students to create differing elements in their barns.
Once the barns were complete we looked a series of landscape images. We created landscapes around our barns using a background, middleground and foreground. I asked the students to think about textures, time of day, season, etc. when creating their landscapes.
I am very pleased with the results. We certainly got a wide variety of barn designs and details.
It is always interesting to me to see how one assignment can produce such differing results among my students. That is one of the things that I love most about art and I am not sure what other outlet allows for such expression and diversity without the outcome being "incorrect."
After spending yesterday at a superintendent's conference and learning about the Core Curriculum for ELA that we are being asked to incorporate into our Art curriculum I am thinking about "project based" work that is "detail oriented" and in-depth... this transition with be a smooth one for us as this describes us as artists! I am fortunate.
When I first introduced this project to my students I introduced them to Eric Sloane who is a great barn artist so if you are interested in doing an assignment similar to this one I would recommend you checking him out.
To see more of the barn drawings please click here.

Be Well and Enjoy!


  1. çok güzel olmuşlar.tebrikler...

  2. These are so goood! I am also an art teacher in a local community college and I am always making my students do new things even those things I do not like to do.