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Thursday, November 3, 2011

coils in clay

My 6th grade artists have just completed their coil making adventure. I explained that when I was in college we had a coil building contest on one of the very first days of my Ceramics class and we had to work in teams to see who could make the longest coil all the way across our clay studio in SUNY New Paltz. It was a busy and fun day! My students have been busy making coils of their very own and putting those to good use.

We built pinch pots first and made coil feet to hold up the pinch pots. It gives it a little height and more elegance and presence.
Then my students got to work making many coils. They used a variety of coil styles including but not limited to arch, circle (all shapes in fact), vertical, horizontal, swirl and they even made up coils I have not seen used before!

Coil and pinch methods are two of the most basic and principal forms of hand building and many artists for years have used them so practice makes perfect! Like I said, as an art major in college, I was still making coils and pinch pots from day 1!
Here is a small sampling of the really great works that my students created. There were so many images it was hard to select which images to feature here on the blog so to see the entire collection please visit my website at and click on the student art gallery or click here to see all of the colorful coils in their glazed glory.

Be Well and Enjoy!


  1. Those turned out awesome! nice job!

  2. These coil vessels are lovely! Can I ask what brand of glaze you use?