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Thursday, December 1, 2011

coloring the creation of masks

My 6th grade artists just completed a new lesson for me, colorful carved masks. It was my first time teaching this lesson but I have seen it done many times and many different ways so I found my own interpretation and put in into action!

The first thing I had my students do was fold a piece of paper and draw the outside of half the mask. They then drew half noses and mouths and one eye on the folded side of the paper. We cut out our templates and traced them onto 18" x24" white paper, LARGE PAPER! I really wanted these masks to make an impact.
After the students traced their templates in pencil they began using crayons to color in the symmetrical shapes on the masks. I taught them how to color fade and create bright bold compositions or color schemed compositions. We talked about masks and looked at a variety of different cultural masks.
After days of really hard crayon coloring using dark marks we covered the masks with a black india ink wash. The crayons were so dark that they resisted the ink. The kids really enjoyed watching the crayons pop up under ink too. We then used sponges to wipe away excess ink.
We cut the masks out of the large white paper after the ink dried. The masks were really coming into their own and the students were excited. I really enjoyed how excited the students were about this project.We then used carving tools to carve into the crayons and the masks came out stunning! I am very pleased with the results as were the students. I hung the beautiful masks in the hall.

To see more of the results please visit my website by clicking here. Be well and Enjoy!


  1. These are brilliant!I love the colours which seem to jump at you!great blog.

  2. Each mask found on the last image of article can be said a master piece and not looking grade 6th work, its mean the quote written on door of class room really left some magical effect to students