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Friday, December 9, 2011

dessert boxes

My 7th grade students have completed their dessert boxes. I changed up the lesson a little this year because I wanted to have some more diverse results. I allowed the students to make either cake or pie slices which resulted in creative colorful slices.
The students created paper templates and then traced them onto the clay. They put their slices together and formed a functional clay box with lid.They then attached a decorative handle.
The results are fun and quite colorful! They are being displayed in the case across from my room and lots of attention is being paid to these delicious and delightful desserts.

To see all of the results please click here.

Being a gluten free gal I find these to be some of my most favorite desserts around... wink... wink! Be Well and Enjoy!


  1. It looks really good and delicious as well. I will try it for sure and hope that I will do good like you. Thank you for sharing it